Top Skills for the Modern Workplace

Top Skills for the Modern Workplace

According to the World Economic Forum report, jobs of the future require complex problem solving and analytical thinking skills. Technical skills are becoming obsolete due to advancement, changes, and automation. Recruiters look beyond your ability to perform the job, they are also eyeing for certain skills to get you on board.   

Be relevant and employable in the modern workplace by acquiring these set of skills  

Complex Problem Solving  

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out why an organization requires this skill. This universal skill applies to any position and industry. However, not all employees are good at it. Having a good understanding of the important phases of problem-solving helps you improve this skill. There are different approaches to demonstrate your skills. When demonstrating your skills to your future employer, summarize how you identified the problem. Cite how you developed a solution and most especially the strategies you implemented. Every time you solve a problem at work, track your success and results.  You can include these in your resume.   

Critical Thinking   

Critical thinking is the ability to engage in a reflective and independent thinking. You must be able to understand the connection between ideas, determine their importance and relevance. You must also acknowledge, build and evaluate arguments as well as determine inconsistent reasoning. Spotlight this skill set providing samples on how you come up with a decision over a complex situation.   

People Management  

Recruitersfavourr applicants who don’t have a problem working with others. Collaboration is an essential recipe towards productivity and performance. It also contributes to a business’ success. Having different generations in an organization takes a great deal of ability and skills to manage them. It is important that you understand what ticks, motivates and inspires different people from your end.  You must have a game plan to leverage your diverse work group. It is also critical that you understand different cultures.  This is the key towards having engaged and motivated employees.   

Technical Proficiency and Communication Skills  

Employers expect their workers to be technically savvy.  This doesn’t just mean knowing basic computer skills. You must be able to perform different programs from word processing, spreadsheets, and online applications down to other office equipment. Meanwhile, recruiters aren’t focusing alone on the technical aspects when hiring an employee. They also expect applicants to translate their technical skills effectively. It is important that you can explain the technical stuff efficiently.  

Flexibility and Conflict Resolution  

From changing shifts to working remotely, you must be able to adapt to different changes in your organization. More so, you are also expected to be flexible to different scenarios in your company whether it’s multitasking or conflict management. Companies are putting great emphasis on employees who can manage conflict professionally.  You must be able to address the issues when they arise and resolve them in a non-violent manner.  

On top of these skills, employees are also expecting applicants to have the willingness to learn and acquire new skills especially ones that are relevant to the job. If you want to be employable for the job of the future, you must be willing to develop these skills!