Top Reasons Women Make Great Executives

Top Reasons Women Make Great Executives

In a study conducted by Strategy and Research, there will be an estimated three billion women in the workforce by 2020. This means that companies that don’t address gender diversity are missing out big time. In many cases, women aren’t encouraged to take on leadership roles compared to their male counterparts. In a separate study, only 23 Fortune 500 companies have women as leaders. Why is there such a disparity among women leaders when they are as capable, if not more as men?

If you haven’t considered women taking an executive or leadership role in your organization, here are top reasons to do so:

Women are Problem Solvers

Hiring and promoting women from different backgrounds in your company provides a good foundation. Global leadership forecast reveals that gender diversity in your organization equates to the equal diversity of thought leading to improved problem solving and immense business benefits. In the same study conducted, companies admitted that they need to become more transparent and pay attention to promoting women in leadership position.

Women are Collaborative

Women are great listeners, an essential skill in leadership. They have an authentic passion for collaboration. They love to share ideas and come up with effective solutions favourable for everyone involved. This means that as leaders, they give each team member a chance to speak up.

Women Focus on Personal Growth

Women bring in emotional literacy to the table. They are learners and readers. They are very open to finding ways to continuously improve their skills. They know how to motivate and would go out of their way to find things that motivate their people. This is the reason why people who work for women executives are more engaged compared to their male counterparts

Women are Great Mentors

In a survey conducted, 30% of respondents say that women made better mentors than men. This is notwithstanding the fact that women find it hard to find mentors. Having a trusted mentor is essential for career growth, work engagement and job satisfaction.

Women are Great Network Builder

Women believe that successful women should lead by example. They are great in building networks and relationship. They are accessible and have an open heart and mind for ideas. Their mother instinct can pick up with their colleagues’ behaviours. They have innate ability to be supportive of individuals at any level. In the area of people development, women outperform men because of their social abilities. Since they are great in building a collaborative environment, they are able to strengthen their connections among different capabilities. This, in turn, results in greater organizational performance.

Take advantage of these benefits and consider women in leadership roles. They don’t only improve your performance as an organization; they can also bring everyone together and share a common goal.