Top 5 Career Resolutions for 2018

Top 5 Career Resolutions for 2018

The New Year is a perfect time to reset, evaluate, and even polish your career goals. This is especially true if you wanted to set sail to another field or snag a promotion. However, if you’re happy with your current job, use the New Year to up your game and stay competitive in your industry. 

Here are actionable resolutions that you can follow for a smooth sailing 2018: 

Get a mentor or career coach 

A career coach or a mentor can guide you with your professional goals. Not sure whether you want to move on from your current position or look for another job? Ask for advice. Mentors or career coaches can guide you through your choices. When looking for one, you can seek for those who specialize in this field. You can also seek guidance from your senior or someone who is one or two steps ahead of you. Build a lasting relationship with them. You can even shadow them with what they do to ------- 

Evaluate your career 

Make this a yearly habit. When was the last time you think your career through? Are you where you want to be in your career? Take some time and write the good and bad points about your career. What stages in your career, you enjoy the most? What areas that you could do without? If you generally feel great, good for you. If you find areas that need improvement, go specifically into details. Write down the strategies and actions that you can do for improvements. 

Update your Skills 

Keep your resume and everything else fresh. It makes a lot tracking of your milestones and accomplishments easy even if you don’t have any plans of job-hunting yet. Refresh your portfolio, update your contacts and take note of your accomplishments. Use this time to also update your skills. Think about the areas of your expertise that you can improve. 

Extend your connection 

Make 2018 a year of building a meaningful connection. Expand your network and make yourself visible. Having a broad network doesn’t just help in your professional life, it can also be beneficial across all aspects of your life. There are tons of ways you can build your network without being a hard sell. You can attend seminars, engage in online community or even hold seminars, and workshops. Use this year to strengthen your personal branding too. Start by being visible online. Engage with your followers and be interactive. 

Level up 

Look at your organization and check out the ways on how you can take your services above and beyond. Take time to understand your subordinates, your colleagues, even your role and responsibilities. Show interest in what other people do in your company. You can also meet up with your supervisor and manager to evaluate your performance. This way you can do something about areas that need improvements. 

These resolutions aren’t set in stone but they can help you become a better professional when the New Year comes!