How to Obtain Great MBA Recommendation Letter

How to Obtain Great MBA Recommendation Letter

The competitive nature of MBA requires applicants to have compelling recommendation letters. Most MBA programs need at least two recommendation letters from credible and capable people. A great recommendation letter supports and reinforces your application by providing certain details such as your personal traits and work experience.

Increase your chances of admission by following these tips:

Choosing Recommenders

When choosing recommenders, go for a believer in business school. Even you have a good relationship with your prospects, their doubts on business studies will reflect in their letter. Additionally, business schools prefer recommendations from professionals. If your desired school requests 2 recommendation letters, obtain them from professionals. You can ask recommendations from current supervisors, immediate head or from your colleagues. Determine the people who speak highly of you. Gaining recommendation from these people won’t be as hard since they believe you to be exceptional.

Ask Ahead of Time to Prepare

It is essential that you give your recommenders ample time to prepare for the letter. Your recommendation letter must speak in detail about your qualifications and reinforce your potential. Provide instructions to your recommenders. Direct them and tell them the general idea of the recommendation letter. Your prospect recommenders may not have written a letter before. Be clear with your instructions and provide samples if possible. It is also helpful to provide recommenders with a brief background of yourself. Give them a copy of your resume, a statement of purpose and key points. Inform them of your desired business school and why you want to apply. You can also provide your recommenders with a list of your achievements that they can highlight in their letter. However, make sure that your achievements are short and straightforward.

Engage in Conversation

Don’t just email or call your possible recommenders. See them personally and spend time with them. Share why you want to pursue your masters in your desired business school and what excites you to get admitted to the school. Discuss your strengths and weaknesses and the skills you want to gain from business school.

Writing recommendation letter is no easy feat. Show to your recommenders that you appreciate their efforts by sending thank you notes before the deadline. This will make them feel acknowledged and reminded about the pending letter. Don’t keep your recommenders feel hanging once they are done with their letters. It is nice to keep them updated on your MBA application status. Send them an email or call them.