How to Kick Out Holiday Stress

How to Kick Out Holiday Stress

As wonderful and amazing the holiday season is, it can take its toll to the best of us. It can drain our energy with gift-hunting, unending parties, and unexpected travels. Enjoy the holidays without feeling burnt out with these tips:

Make Plans

Imagine how you would want to spend your holidays. Write down the activities that you can do alone, with your family and larger groups. The holidays can throw us off our routine. The key to sticking to our meal and workout plans is to schedule it. Make time for your priorities. Prepare your meals and squeeze in quick workouts. This is to stay fit amidst the overflowing booze and food.

Manage expectations

Don’t get too caught up with what you see online. Be realistic and check the food and events that work for you and your family. Acknowledge your lifestyle, routine and finances. More so, expect the unexpected. Regardless of how well you plan your activities, you’re still bound to meet curveballs along the way. Be prepared for it. Come up with plan B. If anything comes up beyond your control, relax. There’s no sense fretting over things that you cannot manage.

Learn to say no

Holidays meant invitations everywhere. This is why having plans ahead of time help you prepared without being overwhelmed. Decline invitation if your plate is full. This allows you to enjoy your events fully without worry of disappointing anyone or missing any parties.

Ask for help

DIY or do it yourself may be good but learn when to ask for help. This will ease your stress and create a bond with your family members or friends. Even if you think you can do everything yourself, ease up. Take the pressure off and ask for assistance. This can mean in the form of asking your guests to bring wine or a special dish.

Don’t overindulge

Don’t make holidays an excuse for overindulging. While it is okay to enjoy holidays treats, it is wise to set limits. Too much stress causes us to overeat and give in to our cravings. Avoid weight gain and stress during the holidays by preparing healthy food. Practice portion eating. If you have already indulged in holiday treats, relax. You can compensate a few days of overindulging by getting back to your normal eating habits.

Give yourself time to have fun

Laughter goes a long way. The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy yourself and the company of your loved ones. When you are stressed out, practice mindfulness. Live in the moment! Minimize worrying about the future to reduce blood pressure and even improve your sleep. Living in the moment has tons of health benefits. Stop sweating the petty stuff and practice mental awareness.

The holidays can be a lot of fun, parties, reunions and social engagements that can be overwhelming. Take time to pause and reflect. Free your time with events that don’t really matter and prioritize your mental and physical well-being! Enjoy the holidays without the stress! Happy Holidays!