How to Handle Mid-Career Crisis Like A Pro

How to Handle Mid-Career Crisis Like A Pro

Having a mid-career crisis is normal and can happen to anyone. Even the most goal-oriented people or individuals who take home a high pay aren’t immune to this feeling. While many professionals go through this phase, there is stigma towards individuals who face a mid-career crisis. If you are one of those people going through this stage, here are the ways to approach it proactively:  

Don’t Make a Drastic Change  

A mid-career crisis can be overwhelming but don’t quit your job just yet. Explore your options before calling it quits. Find out whether what you are missing can be found outside your work such as developing new hobbies or volunteering on charities. Ensure that you have explored all your options within your existing company and assess if flexibility is allowed for your case.   

Understand Your Competition  

US workforce is comprised of more than 50 million millennials and counting. It is safe to say that recruiters are eyeing for workers with vibrant and energetic personality. Most importantly, they are eyeing for those whose skills are current. The best way to cope with this is to strategize your career. Update your resume and polish up your skills. Stay competent and prove that your experience wins over their skills. Don’t hold a grudge towards new and younger brood of talents. Instead, learn from them. You can also volunteer as their mentor. This will give you higher purpose and a chance of bagging that promotion. You can also learn from them too from new technology down to how they approach their work.   

Find Your Purpose  

Our characters and sense of purpose can change over the years. If you lack the sense of direction during the phase, time to take a seatback and think. According to a survey, the top source of career satisfaction was a sense of purpose. You can develop new skills, master new technology or act as a mentor at your current organization. However, if this doesn’t give you any purpose, then explore your options. Do you want to give back to your community? Then do your research and find a charity in your local community? Do you want to enliven your old passion? Weigh your options and finances.   

Be Inspired by Thought Leaders  

Use your downtime to determine influencers and thought leaders who are aligned with your beliefs, goals, and perspectives. You can use apps to fetch news from these people. You may also want to watch TED talks for your dose of insightful speakers around the world. List down the things that you admire from them and find out what you can learn from this list.   

Spruce Up Your Online Reputation  

Whether you decide to call it quits on your current job or waiting for a next opportunity, enhancing your online reputation is necessary. It allows you to establish a solid foundation for your branding that is essential to get that career opportunity.   

Experiencing a mid-career crisis is normal. How you cope with them sets you apart from succeeding and achieving your goals. How do you deal with the mid-career crisis?