How to Foster Positive Relationship with Your Boss

How to Foster Positive Relationship with Your Boss

Establishing a good relationship with your manager should be a priority. This is to foster a healthy working environment and for possible advancement opportunities. Having a productive relationship with mutual respect with your manager is key towards achieving success in an organization.

Here are five suggestions to keep your relationship with your superior amicable and professional:

Observe your environment

Take your time to observe your company culture especially if you are new. Keep your opinions to yourself and avoid gossips. Until you are familiar with your company culture, then can you start communicating clearly with your superior. Some bosses are hands-on and others aren’t as rigid. There are others who are micromanagers. This is why it is essential to acquaint yourself first with their management approach for a better communication.

Communicate smartly

Even simple things like asking intelligent questions can put you in a better position with your boss. By now, you have already observed the communication and management style of your boss. You can take the initiative in setting up meetings to give him an update on your work. Discuss the status of your current projects, present concepts, and ideas for your future, and make sure that your boss knows your goals and your strategies are aligned with your organization. However, if you have monthly meetings, organize your reports and updates. This gives your boss an idea how hands-on you are with your work.

Demonstrate initiative

Managers love it when their employees are taking initiative and demonstrate innovation. Being innovative and taking initiative towards work shows that you are engaged in your job and your role. If you are a newbie, you may be hesitant to share your ideas during meetings. Come up with a list instead and send it to your boss via email.

Don’t take it personally

Remember, your boss is human too. Your boss may come in your office with a game face on but they do definitely have bad days. And if they do, don’t let their mood swings rub you off. The best thing that you can do is to be professional and act normal. Be consistent with your work ethics whether your boss is having a bad day or not. More so, don’t wait for your boss to praise you. Be diligent and professional all the time and it will pay off. Be confident in your abilities and your boss will surely see your hard work.

Be yourself

Strike the right balance between life and work by just being yourself. Don’t go over the top just to impress your boss and end up spending most of your time at work.

You don’t have to be the best of friends with your boss but by knowing them personally, you can adjust with their pace. This is also key towards working harmoniously within your company.