How to Follow Up Network

How to Follow Up Network

Every place provides a great opportunity for building your network. Building your connection is important for your business and career. However, there is more to networking than meets the eye. You may have given your business cards to tons of relevant people but unless you follow these important connections, you are as good as just your introduction. It is always good to nurture those professional contacts you have made and foster a favourable and mutual relationship with them.   

Here are ways you can turn your new-found contacts into a connection:  

Remember the 24-hour follow-up rule  

Act quickly and follow up within 24 hours so your contact doesn’t forget you. You must ensure the people you have met during the event that you are sending them an email or call them. Write them an email and state how you enjoy the conversation you shared. This will help your potential connection remember you. Recall parts of the conversation and reiterate some good points. You can also state your intention of a follow-up meeting. Set a time and place and ask them if it of their convenience.   

Offer assistance  

When sending an email, it is always a good idea to offer help even before needing one. If you have mentioned about offering help during your conversation, reiterate it in your writing. You can forward the article you have mentioned during your conversation or introduce them to other people.   

Leverage on social media  

Social media is a powerful tool to build your brand and your network. Before connecting with anyone on a professional level, check your social media accounts first. Ensure that your profile looks professional. This is especially true to LinkedIn which is entirely dedicated to professionals. Go out of your way when connecting to people on LinkedIn. Don’t just hit the connect button. Craft a personalized connection message to remind them of your introduction. Once you have connected with them and establish a connection, engage with your contacts. You can request them to recommend you to their contacts in the future but focus on building connection first. Refrain from sending the connection to invite to every business card you have gathered. Make sure that you have a remarkable conversation with that professional before connecting with them.   

Building professional network doesn’t have set in stone rules. However, there are things that you must not do to avoid pestering your potential connection. Don’t wait too long to do a follow-up or you’ll risk being forgotten. Calling and sending an email once is a good number but doing a follow up multiple times can do more harm than good. Find the right number or wait for your potential contact to respond before sending another email or calling them.  

Last but definitely not the least; make sure that your email or connection messages are also edited and proofread. You must create a professional impression and every note and message counts.