How to Deal with Difficult Workmates

How to Deal with Difficult Workmates

Dealing with annoying co-workers takes a lot of patience. Even the most thriving and beautiful company culture has its fair share of workers who can be a nuisance at times. Knowing how to handle these difficult co-workers in a professional manner doesn’t just improve your personal skills, it also makes your working environment less daunting and more harmonious.

React only when necessary

Does your co-worker’s nuisance behaviour affect your ability to perform at work? If he isn’t affecting your work, then it is best that you leave him alone. This is especially true if your workmate does his duties well. On the other hand, if it really disrupts your work, then it is time to call him out. When doing so, emphasize the behaviour that affects your work. Refrain from bringing up your personal grudge towards your colleague.

Don’t be aggressive

Refrain from being violent or aggressive even if you reach your boiling point. Be professional as much as possible and don’t attack them. Choose your words carefully and discuss how their behaviours affect your work. Don’t focus on blaming your colleagues but focus on the impact of their behaviour. Doing so minimizes your colleagues’ defensiveness. It also minimizes the possibility of heated argument. Don’t confront your colleague via email. Talk to them personally since emails can be misinterpreted.

Trust your superiors

Your managers may already know about your colleagues’ behaviour. They may have been reprimanded for all you know. Consequently, these people may have had special arrangements. You must reflect when to nose over your colleagues’ business. Additionally, most superiors don’t want to be bothered with petty issues between colleagues. Don’t be that person who always watches over their co-workers who commit mistakes. Stop hovering with other people and do your job instead.

Handling a bully

Handle a bully at work by practising personal change. Having a bully at work makes reporting for duty a dreaded chore. If your workmate is bullying you, don’t tolerate them. Confront them about their bully behaviour. Tell him exactly how his behaviour disrupts your performance at work. Discuss with him the behaviour you won’t tolerate in the future. Stand your ground when dealing with them in the future.

Don’t be too oversensitive

Don’t take things personally and shrug off their behaviours whenever you can. Paying attention to all of this can be time-consuming, weaken your focus and disrupt your performance. Focus on being professional all the time. Accept that not everyone likes you and that is fine. You don’t have to be friend with anyone. You can share your concerns with your close confidante if your colleagues’ behaviour is very frustrating. This is to help you blow some stem.

If the problem escalates and work ethic is a concern, use your judgment. Bring the attention of your supervisors and managers about your issue. This is especially helpful if other workers are in agreement with your concerns or are also putting up with the same colleagues.