So you have finally decided to further your studies and climb the corporate ladder. Congratulations! The next logical thing to do is to narrow your choices when it comes to programmes and schools. Here are efficient tips to maximise your post-graduate school selection and ensure that you have the most rewarding graduate study experience:

Decide which programme to take

Choosing a programme that reflects your goals is necessary. Do you want to fill in a C-Suite position? Then you are better off taking Executive Education. Are you eyeing for a promotion in your company? MBA Programme makes a viable choice. Before settling in for a graduate school, you need to decide what kind of career you want to have in the future. This will guide you through your grad school selection.

Come up with a target list

Sort your prospective graduate schools based on different criteria such as your chances of admission and your dream school. This will give you a better insight and direction when it comes to narrowing your choices. You can put your list on a spreadsheet so you can compare and contrast schools and include some notes. While time consuming, this technique allows you to discover better schools that add more value to your goals.

Focus on your career

Post grad studies can directly impact your career. Always consider your career when it comes to choosing programmes and school. Do you want to have a professional edge in the corporate scene? Familiarise your industry and learn as much as possible about the professionals in your industry. What are they doing in their career? How do they cope with the demands in the industry

Gather facts

Now that you have your short list, it is time to do your homework. Contact schools and ask for detailed information about their programme, faculty, expenses, financial assistance and forms. You can also attend information sessions, career workshops and graduate school fairs to get better acquainted with the schools in your target list. Interviewing alumni and faculty can also help in your decision making.

Go to the source

Interview professors and faculty to get a glimpse on how a school operates. This provides you information on the dynamics of the programme. Building professional network as early as now can help in your post-grad studies. More so, take this as an opportunity to screen a possible mentor for your studies. But first, you must find your interest to connect to the right people.

Ask students

Alongside professors, interviewing alumni can also be insightful. How did they learn from their professors? Can they keep up with their own research? What are their favorite part in their post-grad experience?