How to Balance Life Being a Mom and a Career Woman

How to Balance Life Being a Mom and a Career Woman

Being a full-time mother and career woman can be stressful and challenging. Finding the right balance between spending your time with your family and thriving in your career takes a great deal of patience and practice. Here are the ways you can ensure your career and family flourish: 

Acknowledge your seasons 

Balance isn’t about giving time to everything equally. It is all about sacrificing something to give way to other priorities. When priorities shift, other things need to take a backseat. The key here is to understand your season. Anticipate the time that you are going to be busy at work and the time you need to focus on your family. For example, if you are required to generate monthly reports at the end of the month, explain it to your family that the end of the month is your busiest time. This also holds true for special occasions at home. 

Be organized 

Being on top of things allows you to enjoy more time with your priorities such as doing your groceries once a week and planning your meals to cut up your prep time. It also allows you to have healthy food options. Mark your calendar for appointments, due payment for your bills, and the things that you must accomplish. Automate your bills when you can to avoid late payment charges and save time. 

Ask for assistance 

It is good to be independent but asking for other’s help is essential especially during busy times. Consider hiring help for housekeeping and school pickups. If work comes on a special occasion such as your kid’s recital, try trading shift with other parents. Doing everything for yourself can zap out your energy. You need to have time to breathe and focus on the things that matter most to you. You can invite your relatives and friends if you are feeling stressed and unhappy to keep you in check 

Communicate with your employer 

Tell them about your role as a mother and ask them for possible flexible arrangements. You can come up with a proposal and present it to your employer. Be honest as possible and be ready to present alternative solutions. 

Forgive yourself 

Many moms are feeling guilty because they don’t get to spend most of their time with their family and kids. Think of it this way, without work, you won’t be able to support your family. Consider the things that you are able to afford because of your work. 

Be wary of the signs 

Determine the red flags that tell you to readjust your focus. If you are missing out on work or forgetting things at home, then it is time to evaluate yourself. Your kids can also manifest the red flags too. If they are feeling withdrawn or are shifting in their behaviour, then it might be time to readjust your focus. You need to pay attention to yourself too if you are feeling too sensitive, moody or withdrawn. You must take care of yourself to take care of others.