Career Development Tips

Career Development Tips

Career management helps you widen your potential and open up doors of opportunities. The New Year is a good time to develop your career and map out your goals to set yourself for success. Whether you are graduating or have plans to shift from your current job. Here are effective ways you can develop your career as a professional.

Build your image

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to build your image. Building your image is necessary to gain trust and confidence of your future employer. The way you present yourself matters and allows you to differentiate yourself apart from the competition. It is not just about how you dress up, your body language or how you respond to interviews.  Find out what’s holding you from reaching your goals. Discover your weak points and look for ways you can improve them. What are your skill gaps and how can you fill them? Take time to improve your skill set to stay relevant and competitive.

 Stop multitasking

If you want to boost your productivity for next year, stop multitasking. The research discovered that regular multitasking is related to low emotional intelligence. Consequently, multitasking at work can result in an IQ decline by 15 points. Multi-tasking doesn’t always mean productivity. 98% of those that multitask aren’t doing well. Shifting between tasks isn’t efficient since our brains need to adjust the focus.

Stay updated

Find resources to boost your skills and knowledge. There are companies that support the growth of their employees through hosting workshops, seminars, and training. You can participate in that. You can also engage with your colleagues to know about different jobs within your company. Seeking the guidance of a mentor is also beneficial for your career growth. Don’t limit yourself to your specific field. Read about other industries too. You can also subscribe to podcasts and related videos.

Start with your company

Be open to career goals. Discuss them with your manager and collaborate with them. Companies want to see employees who have concrete ideas that can contribute to the success of their organization. Volunteer to lead challenging projects. This will not just build your credibility and authority. This will also improve your skills and gauge your capacity whether you are ready for bigger roles or not. Find out the skills needed for the position that you are eyeing for.

Always be yourself

Regardless of the field, you want to work in the future, don’t lose yourself. Be authentic and don’t pretend to be something you are not. Your personality, authenticity, and passion are instrumental in your success.

Being successful in your career doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of effort, passion, and dedication to be where you want to be. It also needs thorough planning, tactical execution and frequent polishing on strategies. Are you ready to map out your career this 2018?