5 E’s in Achieving Career Goals for Women

5 E’s in Achieving Career Goals for Women

Building your career as a woman can be challenging yet rewarding. Women have done amazing efforts in the business industry where numbers of female-owned enterprise increasing. However, gender disparity at work is still prevalent.  

Here are doable ways women can cross the gap and win over their careers: 

The authors of Influence effect conducted a research that reveals imitating male behaviour doesn’t always translate to promotional or career advancement for women.  Women are instinctive, intuitive and collaborative. They don’t want to trade favours and would play fairly. Use that to influence your colleagues.   

Educate Yourself 

Be a force to reckon with by equipping yourself with relevant education and skills. Advance your education if you want to further your career. Seek out scholarships and financing options if money gets in the way of maximizing your educational advancement.  

Embrace Technology 

Having academic qualifications won’t cut if you aim for managerial and executive posts. You must also demonstrate familiarity and or even fluency in technology. This makes you an efficient and productive professional since you spend less time figuring out what needs to be done and more time completing your tasks. Across the world, women are utilizing the data they have gathered from the internet to equip themselves with the relevant skills for their industry.  

Enhance Your Communication Skills 

Women’s communication skills are much suitable for a modern workplace setup. This is because of women’s innate ability to foster relationship and collaborating with the people around them. A team-based work approach doesn’t just improve an organization’s external customer service, it also enhances their internal relationship too. This result in more satisfied employees and increased productivity. It is essential that you have high interpersonal communication skills to reach out to your colleagues and convey the right messages and instructions.  

Establish Your Personal Brand 

This is more than wearing expensive coats and fancy skirts. It is about carrying yourself and presenting it to the public. How do you show in your daily meetings? Do you immediately respond to inquiries? Are your confident in carrying yourself? How do you want others to perceive you? It is common for individuals to think that they already know their brand when in reality they fall short in represent themselves.  

Apart from these tips, it is also helpful to seek for a career coach or personal mentor to guide you in your career. This is most helpful for women who are still figuring out what they want to make out of their career. This is also relevant for career professionals who go through a crisis or a setback in their career.  Now gear up, equip yourself with the right skills, a channel that confidence and achieve your career goals!